Electricity Support

For those tenants who have individual metering and buy their electricity via Wallenstam, we will pay out electricity support according to the same principles upon which the state support is designed.  

The support goes to individuals with a valid lease agreement that includes individual metering on November 17, 2022 and is paid out as a rent discount in the rental advice for February.

Why is electricity support being paid? The background to the government’s decision on electricity support is to help households cope with future high electricity prices through electricity support. Those individuals who lease an apartment with individual metering from Wallenstam and thus do not have their own electricity network contract do not benefit from this support via the state. However, Wallenstam has decided to pay out the equivalent support according to the same approach as decided by the government.

Who receives electricity support? Individuals who had a valid lease agreement with Wallenstam including individual metering on November 17, 2022.

When and how will the support be paid out? As a lump sum by way of a rent discount in the rental advice for February 2023.

How much support does the person covered by the support receive? The support is based on historical consumption and amounts to 50 öre per kWh which has been consumed in the apartment in question during the period October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022.

If I have moved into new production, which has not had such long consumption? In cases where there is no access to 12 complete monthly values, the allowance will be calculated based on a standard amount for each apartment type.
Do I receive support if I moved in after November 17? The record day for the state support is November 17. Tenants who moved in after November 17, 2022 are not entitled to any allowance from Wallenstam, but possibly from the residence that the tenant lived in on November 17.

Do companies that lease apartments receive electricity support? Wallenstam is waiting for information from the government where an answer regarding what applies to companies has still not been received. So at present, this only applies to individuals.
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