How the intercom works

Open with the tag
Place the tag against the key symbol. If the tag is valid, the symbol turns green and the door is unlocked. If the symbol lights up red, the tag is not valid, blocked or has been demagnetized.
In that case, contact Customer Service

Make a call on the intercom
Press the "Welcome, press here" button. All tenants who live at the address (and have reported that they wish to use the intercom function) will show on the display. You select the person you are going to visit with the buttons to the right of the display.

Let visitors in
The intercom calls the phone number you have chosen to connect to the intercom. To unlock the gate, you answer the call, communicate with the visitor, and open by pressing 5 on your phone.

The tag can be used 24/7 to unlock the gate.
The intercom is usually active at 07:00-21:00 every day of the week. Do you want to let visitors in at 21:00-07:00 the visitor must dial your entire phone number on the keypad and then press the OK button. 

  • On the right side there are 5 buttons.
  • Press the buttons find all tenants connected to the intercom.
  • Use up and down arrows to scroll between tenants.
  • On the bottom part there is a key symbol, which turns green when touched by the tag with the right authorization.
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