Things to consider when you decorate your apartment

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Wanting to decorate your new apartment is only natural. You can find some tips and tricks to keep in mind when decorating your new home below.
  • Keep in mind that the walls in your apartment may be made of different materials when you’re hanging paintings. Use the right type of aid for each type of wall.
  • Never make holes in the tiles or the joints. The tile can crack easily, and moisture can migrate behind them. An alternative is to use self-adhesive hooks.
  • You are not allowed to drill holes in the facade.
  • If you want to have a wall-mounted TV, it needs to be done in a professional manner.
  • You are allowed to put up lamp hooks in the ceiling.
  • You are allowed to put up curtain rails on the ceiling. Keep in mind that ceilings can be difficult to restore.
More detailed information about what applies when it comes to drilling, painting and other installations can be found in this post.

Remember that you are always obliged to restore the apartment the day you move out.
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