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Does Wallenstam have an internal queue system?

Dear all
Does Wallenstam does have an internal queue system that i can get on to?


  • Hi Nikita!

    Thank you for contacting us with your question.

    Please find the following guidance for how to get the opportunity and access to Wallenstam's apartments.
    • Wallenstam has an internal queue for swapping apartments. To reach the page called” Bytesanonnser” you log in on” Mina Sidor”. On this page you place your own ad and find other tenants who have advertised their apartments.
    • If you are interested in Wallwnstam's new production projects, you can register for this, also on “Mina sidor”.
    • All our available and already existing apartments, are distributed through separate supplying websites. No apartments are distributed directly via Wallenstam. Please register at these sites in order to get access to notices of available apartments. Depending on what city your are interested in, you find the current websites here:
    Gothenburg: HomeQ
    Stockholm: bostad.stockholm.se
    Uppsala: bostad.uppsala.se
    Lovisa Kundservice

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