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How do I apply for an apartment change?

I own an apartment from Wallenstam in Hallonbergen, Stockholm. If, in the future I would like to change it for a bigger apartment , how would this happen? Do I need to register in a specific queue?
Your answer would be very helpful.


  • Hi Maria,

    Thank you for your question!
    Here's how to apply for an apartment change:

    1. Print the exchange application form. You can find the form on our website via this link

    2. Fill in all the information on the form

    3. Attach all documents stated on the form that you must enclose with the application:
    • family certificate for current and proposed tenant,
    • certified copy of the proposed tenant's current lease
    • employer certificate for proposed tenant and the three most recent salary specifications
    • if the exchange includes more than two apartments, you must submit an account of the exchange chain (separate appendix)
    • send with credit information for proposed tenant (www.minuc.se)
    Send your exchange application to:

    Wallenstam AB
    401 84 Gothenburg

    Wallenstam AB
    Box 19531
    104 32 Stockholm

    NOTE! Think of:
    • You must have lived in your apartment for at least a year before you can apply for an apartment change
    • There is a two-month processing time for the exchange application calculated from the time we receive a complete exchange application.
    Good Luck!
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