How do I sublet my apartment?

Hi, I want to sublet my apartment because I'm moving in with my boyfriend, is that allowed? How do I do that?



  • Hello!

    If you want to sublet your apartment, you must have a valid reason and you must receive written permission from Wallenstam. Each application is examined individually and after the processing period we will let you know if your reason for subletting is approved.

    Here's how you apply for subletting:
    • Go to the page Blanketter (forms).
    • Download the form "Andrahandsuthyrning".
    • Read through the entire form! It contains important information about what you need to consider when subletting and what documents you need to attach to your application.
    • Fill out all information.
    • Send the form and the certificates that you need to attach. You can submit your application by post or email.
    Wallenstam AB
    401 84 Gothenburg
    Stockholm & Uppsala
    Wallenstam AB
    Box 19531
    104 32 Stockholm

    • Submit your application at least one month before the planned sublet!
    • The processing time is one month from the time we receive the application and all the mandatory documents, and unfortunately we do not have the option to shorten the processing time.
    • As the primary tenant, you are always responsible for the apartment and the rent payments during the period of subletting.
    • You must be able to prove your reason for subletting by, for example, a certificate for studies/work on another location.
    • You must have written permission from Wallenstam to sublet your apartment, otherwise you may lose your tenancy.
    • It is not permitted to rent out via Airbnb or similar services.
    • If you want to extend your sublease, you must make a new written application.
    • You must find someone you want to sublet to before you submit the application to us.
    • If your sublet application concerns studies/work on another location, you must apply for one year at a time.
    • If you wish to extend your sublease, you must renew your application. You do this in the same way as with your first application: in writing and with all mandatory documents attached. The processing time is one month, even in the case of an extended secondary application.
    • If your application concerns moving in with a partner, you can sublet your apartment for a maximum of one year.
    Good luck!

    Lovisa Kundservice
  • Can the application be sent to :

    If the reason is moving in with my partner, what do you need as proof? The new contract with our two names?

    Kind regards, Amandine
  • Hi,

    Yes, that is the right email.

    In the case of cohabitation verification, a copy of the cohabitant's rental/purchase agreement and identity card are attached.

    Kind regards, 

    Lovisa Kundservice

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