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On which website can you show interest in Wallenstams apartments

I was wondering if you only mediate your rental apartments in HomeQ / Stockholm Bostad or in this website too. If you notify through email for putting notice of interest at this website then why do not we get any email still although I registered about 230 days ago ?
,Halima Abedin Jitu
Halima Abedin Jitu


  • Hello!

    Thanks for your question,

    All available apartments are distributed through the following websites:
    Gothenburg: HomeQ
    Stockholm: bostad.stockholm.se 
    Uppsala: bostad.uppsala.se

    Only our new produced apartments are distributed through our own queue. Only when a new project is ready for distribution you will recive an email.

    If you experience that you are not receiving expected emails, it can depend on different things.
    1. You have not chosen the area in question.  
    2. You might have the wrong email adress. 

    Welcome to contact us if there is need for further clarification

    Best regards,
    Lovisa Kundservice

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