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When and how do I pay for electricity and water in an apartment with sub-metering?

Hello, I have individual metering for electricity and water and am wondering how it works with the payment. Do I pay in arrears for what I have consumed? I'm going to move, so I'm wondering if I'll get a final invoice.


  • Hello!

    Yes, that's correct. The rent itself is paid in advance, but you pay the electricity and water consumption in arrears as it lags two months.
    This is how it works:
    • In January, you consume electricity and water.
    • At the beginning of February, your electricity and water meters will be read automatically.
    • In February, you will receive a rent statement for March where your electricity and water consumption from January is also charged.
    • This means that if you move, you will receive two more invoices for the consumption of electricity and water for the last two months that you lived in the apartment.
    Good luck with the move & I hope you enjoyed your stay with us!
    Lovisa Kundservice

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