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Can I get help to install window blinds?


I will be moving in to my apartment very soon and I would like to install window blinds to all of my windows before that.

Do you guys usually help with the installation or do I need to hire a person to do that? I would prefer to get it done by a person who knows what he's doing so I will not end up messing up with the windows.

Please do let me know what options I have.



  • Hi Dhanuka!

    Would like to warmly welcome you as a tenant with us.

    If you want blinds in your apartment, you have to take care of this yourself and you need someone who can do this professionally.

    Keep in mind that you will need to reset this in the event of a relocation.

    Wish you a nice week!
    Lovisa Kundservice
  • Thank you for your reply. Do you guys have any recommend personals that I can contact to get this done?
  • Hi again Dhanuka!

    I'm sorry but the best way is to contact a company near where you live. I think the most easy way is to google persienner and just ask for a quote from different companies.

    Good luck!

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